Street Fight

Vote No On Legalized Weed In Ohio

Posted on August 30, 2015

When it comes to the issue of voting no for issue 3 I can agree that it would be nice to not risk jail or job loss due to marijuana use but we still smoke and consume some of the best weed on the planet in Ohio, and it’s grown in our fields and basements and trailers and country houses. And we have fake wieners and synthetic pee and best buds for life who will pee in a zip lock and we are in the upper levels of management, we are lawyers and hospice workers baking pot brownies for patients and doctors and teachers and you don’t even know it. I have smoked weed up, down, around, and throughout Ohio for over a decade and never got hassled by anyone who saw me, even when a cop found my weed he just tossed it (because I’m white). 

It is very easy for me to not advocate for Issue 3, I’m high as I write this and I have established a multi state network of providers. Plus I don’t have a relative that needs CBD oil and I’m not in jail. But I am still asking you to consider keeping the same barriers that you are jumping over now in place until we can get something substantial in just a year because making a constitutional amendment to hand over the operation to a designated group of business investors (including Nick Lachey FUCK THAT GUY IN THE BARBED WIRE TATTOO) takes away our personal freedom to grow things from the earth and transact with our communities. It takes all the wonderful people who have provided this plant to us at the risk of jail time and grenades from the police and financial ruin and it cuts them out. Because they can’t invest, because their lobbying arm is very weak. It’s disgusting and obscene. 

The government is the entire problem there is with the growing and sales of marijuana and now they want to continue to meddle in the lives of farmers and distributors to setup a monopoly. The weed your buddy grew will still be illegal for you to buy off him, buying a pot brownie from someone on the blanket next to you at a concert will still be illegal, smoking weed outside will still be illegal, standing out in front of the bar and using a one hitter will still be illegal. And as long things are illegal there will be a benefit to punishing (black and Latino) people for it, whether it’s politicians or weapons manufacturers or prison uniform companies it always ends up being a naked racist sham. Have some guts and say no to this fucking stinky ass deal, just take a look at their dime store powdered toast man mascot.