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// Keeping track of all your memes // When you get caught dabblin in flat earthery // Most believable conspiracy // Getting paint thinner out of the cereal // Thomas Jefferson Vs The Illuminati // Making your own money // Hooligans at Burning Man // Whooping a ghosts ass // Werewolf people // Conservapedia vs Marijuana // Conservapedia guide to Conservative media // Wreck It Ralph fights Communism //



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Top Movies Of 2014

Posted on December 19, 2014

It’s the end of 2014 and you know what that means.  It’s time for lists of things.  While we are quite certain that you could go back through the archives and hear all of the things we liked this year. I think our listeners are better served by seeing it in list form.  The list is the latest in understanding things technology and, next to the meme, it is our finest educational resource.  So please, kick back, relax and enjoy some lists from Street Fight.

Top Movies of 2014

Sunset Mountain

I know, this is the obvious choice, but this Rilmp Farjing’s sprawling 4 hour look at the families of this fictional mountain town was not only beautiful, but daring.  Who can forget the one shot 2 hour scene of Petey and Louisa walking to their one room school house?  If Sunset Mountain doesn’t earn Farjing an Oscar for best director then I have no idea what he has to do

Hammer Bammer

It’s no secret that we here in the Street Fight offices love action movies and this was the best of the year.  Kirk Florence is a bona-fide action star and the mysterious Carrloz is a director for the short attention span of the audiences of 2014.  While most action movies try to coast on slick production and dazzling action sequences, Hammer Bammer was the first action movie where all of the violence was terse speeches about the evils of modern society.

Till Death Makes us Fart

Much like Borat and Old School, Brett and Bryan quote this raunchy comedy in all of their conversations.  Who could forget the scene where Rachel Morningboat says “Yes I’ll marry you” and Tom Ron lets that juicy fart go? What about the infamous fart in church?  Of course any discussion of TDMF wouldn’t be complete without talking about the turd cigar, I may never quit saying “toot toot, Is this a turd?”

The Food Diary

No list of top movies would be complete without a documentary about food.  Doctor Jerry Krango follows a piece of GMO popcorn through the digestive system of one of our nation’s innocent children.  What you see will shock you.

War and Cops

In this turbulent year it is important to remember what the boys in blue and the guys in green do for our great nation.  When director Thom Hunks cast up and coming pop star Blayine to be the lead soldier of a platoon of ex cops who kill ISIS and build 100 schools in Iran, many of us wondered if he could pull it off.  Not only did he pull it off but he is topping our list of likely Oscar winners for best actor this year!

This was an especially good year for movies and it was hard to narrow it down to only five but that is the challenge of making lists and making lists is the duty of all of us on the internet.