Street Fight

11 08 2016 - Street Fight vs DEATH live!


Street Fight Radio has been raising hell against some of the most evil organizations in the world. From The US Government and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Lootcrate and Ball Earthers. We have taken on all comers and built a home with the corpses of our enemies. When you send that many bankrupt souls to their maker you have to start wondering which one of your enemies will attempt to vanquish you. Brett and Bryan never sit and wait for a fight and this October was no exception.


This Halloween, Street Fight Radio went to war with the spirit world and come out as not only the greatest anarcho comedy radio show in the universe but as brave warriors willing to face the most dangerous enemies of all, ghosts. We travelled to several remote sites known for hauntings in Ohio and faced the cowardly apparitions in their own territory. We challenged them in ways that a ghost has never been challenged.


We investigated

The Staley Road ghost, he murdered some people and he makes cars act funny.

The sad woman at the confederate cemetary


A guy who keeps working even though he is dead


This is the audio from our live show at Kafe Kerouac in Columbus, Ohio on 10/29/2016. If you would like to see the performance you can watch it on the vimeo app which is available for most devices and gaming consoles. Listeners who donate $5 a month to our Patreon campaign will receive all live videos absolutely free.