Street Fight

7 08 2015 - Palestine + Drugs with @TerrinaMajnoona


This week we invited the informative and thoughtful @Terrinamajnoona on the show to catch us up on why we must continue to pay attention to the struggle in Palestine and what it means to actually live there and the history of what has gotten us here.

Then we switched gears into drug addiction because renaissance woman Terrina is also a drug and alcohol counselor so Bryan discussed his experience and we talked about the shortcomings of the system in place intentionally fucking up care to prove a point.

It was pretty damn heavy but I am very proud of what we’ve done I don’t get to have a lot of conversations this splendid so it was a real treat for me and I hope you all enjoy.

closing song was chosen by Terrina it’s:

DAM – Born Here



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9/11 Building 7 – Martin Noakes

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