Street Fight

Top News Stories of 2014

Posted on January 6, 2015

It’s the end of 2014 and you know what that means.  It’s time for lists of things.  While we are quite certain that you could go back through the archives and hear all of the things we liked this year. I think our listeners are better served by seeing it in list form.  The list is the latest in understanding things technology and, next to the meme, it is our finest educational resource.  So please, kick back, relax and enjoy some lists from Street Fight.


Jon Stewart Eviscerating Ted Cruz– Who could forget the “Summer of Stewart”? While there were so many eviscerations, annihilations, devastations, and decimations we had to pick the one that really packed a punch.  After Jon Stewart eviscerated Ted Cruz about immigration all of the immigration laws changed and Ted Cruz hasn’t been on television since.

Florida FTW! – OMG all of the Florida news is unique and crazy. They have extremely unique crime and the government (clowns) can’t seem to get its shit together.  Remember the guy that took an Oxycontin and ate a dumpster?  What about the dude that snorted a line of methamphetamine and farted fire?  Florida is so weird!

ISIS – You may remember back a few months when Brett and Bryan joined ISIS in order to not be killed in the impending ISIS invasion of the United States.  Well look at this, Street Fight is still here and thriving under Sharia law.  For those of you listening to our mandatory show, we thank you and we also want to thank our new leaders from ISIS.

Traffic – In the end of the year the protests over police brutality that caused traffic gave white people a reason to explain how to protest to get what you want.  How are you supposed to protest? Well let me tell you, you find a thing to buy that you can wear like a bracelet or t-shirt and wear it to the farmers market.  If someone asks you about the article of clothing hand them a pamphlet or show them a Jon Stewart/Olive evisceration.

Millennials – The kids don’t get spanked anymore and they all have cellphones.  What does this mean for the future?  It means that we are headed down the road to hell is what it means. Things were good when everyone was mean to each other and anyone could spank anyone else’s kid.  2014 was the year where we found out that if you spank a kid for being bad in the store and it isn’t yours then you are some kind of criminal.