Street Fight

Enemies, loyalty and anarchism

Posted on November 15, 2014

A few shows back I mentioned that my mother called and asked me what we should do about ISIS.  I didn’t have a good answer because I don’t pretend to know anything about shit.  What I know about ISIS is that they sound like a new Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda ended up being a grade A flop as a terrorist organization.  They had a couple of big things and in 2001 before I knew that the government was a kayfabe organization I said “We gotta go to Afghanistan and kill the Al Qaedas.” Fast Forward to the 2002 Super Bowl when the Partnership for a Drug Free America tried to say that people who buy drugs support terrorism.


I saw this, and I immediately thought “This whole Al Qaeda thing is horseshit.” If there is one thing I knew it was drugs and I would think I would have heard of Al Qaeda, a rapper would have brought them up or there would be a Scarface type movie about it, I don’t know, but I knew that Al Qaeda wasn’t involved in my drug transactions and that the cops were the ones bringing all of the violence to the drug party.


One year later the country was heatedly discussing the Iraq War when they said “well these aren’t exactly Al Qaedas but they are just like them” and that seemed scary and dangerous.  These dudes were cutting people’s heads off.  One thing lead to another and I supported the Iraq War.  I don’t feel good about this, I also don’t know that my quiet support for a bad war contributed to George W. Bush’s decision to kill a couple hundred thousand people to maybe kill some new bad guys.  I wasn’t active at the time, I was a painkiller addicted cable installer that listened to prog rock.  I completely stopped caring about politics for about a year.


Then 2004 happened


My wife told me that she was pregnant with a post it note in the bathroom.  In, what could only be described as a bungle, I said “wow that’s cool” then took off to buy some painkillers.  After I went on a bender I came to terms with our situation and became excited to have a kid.  I was about 26 and I said “You know what? I need to change this fucked up world so that my daughter won’t have to worry about 9/11s anymore.” This was my liberal time.  I wanted John Kerry to win that election, I spoke about the need to have a person with military experience in the oval office.  I was a fucking Democrat, a hardcore blue collar Democrat like the Democrats want you to believe exist.  Now George W Bush was the bad guy, we needed to get rid of him or the whole world would blow up.  He was a cowboy and he wanted to nuke the world to get revenge on Saddam Hussein for threatening to kill his Daddy.  In short, I was an idiot.  I was listening to Air America when Bush won and I felt like the world was over



So from 2001 to 2008 I felt like I was at constant war either with the enemies from abroad who wanted to kill me for eating bacon or the enemies at home who were just your average kill-crazy politicians.  These fucking people were fighting and I was choosing sides.  I liked Obama because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton, they told me that he was an insurgent, a radical and I wanted to be a part of something punk rock.  This was when I thought I radicalized.  John McCain was fucking scary, he was making up parody songs about bombing people.







I needed to vote, I know I said that I was out of the voting game, I don’t want to do this but it is responsible.  I’m gonna do it, we are going to have our first black president AND he was an anti-war communist.  My love for Obama lasted exactly 4 months.  As a matter of fact, this was when I first met Brett and we rarely had one on one conversations.  He told me that it had only been four months but I had seen enough.  Obama was a fucking loser and I knew it.  Within a month Brett and I were on the same page and we probably radicalized at the same time through conversations with each other.


The enemies changed almost immediately.  Brett and I started getting more and more angry about every fucking thing.  We hated banks, corporations, and most importantly we lost all faith in the government.  Democrats and Republicans are shitty, hell, pretty much every person at the top of every hierarchy was our enemy.  This was when we started to feel like we might be anarchists.  Our enemies were people with power. That was the only requirement for us to hate you.  After reading and tweeting with a bunch of very nice and cool anarchists (the Blizzard Boyz, Land Fill Poet and @Roastyagain on twitter) and some personal revelations I realized that I was only American because I was born here.  This is what led to this week’s show.  Street Fight announced to ISIS that if they are truly taking over America that we would join ISIS.


This is not to say that we are pro-ISIS.  I can’t think of anything I would like to do less than cut someone’s head off.  Well, I can think of one thing, getting my head cut off seems crummy.  This is why I am just willing to go with the flow.  Every time a conservative tells me “If China decides to collect on it’s debt we are in trouble” I say “Nope, you are in trouble, I’ll just be Chinese” I already hate the laws, I also hate any future laws.  I also hate the politicians, the constitution and Wall Street.  Loyalty to a state that claimed you the day you were born is crazy.  So, in closing, yes of course we are still American.  We are not traitors until it is beneficial.  The only people we are loyal to is the Street Fight people that we love.  Hopefully I get to ramble like this more in the future, unless this sucks then I will just keep my stupid typing mouth shut.


Love you