Street Fight

12 02 2021 - We All Need To Steal More Shit


Bryan & Brett are back not smelling like cigarettes

// No one dives as deep as bryan // Bad people make bryan feel less bad // Dumb people get the most of money // Bryans favorite podcast of the year is Joe Rogan // Jim Breur as your muse // Miserable experience at Walgreens // Different levels of work shirts // Hillbilly problem of not trusting doctors // The pharmacist version of “Have a nice day” // Pharmacists deal with the most annoying customers // One person dealing with every customer // Your supposed to help regardless of position // Pondering pharmacological conundrums // Walgreens doesn’t care // Dick pills for people with diabetes // Customer service breakdowns // Brett now works for DoorDash // Everything was awful at Bob Evans // Bryans solution to high volume orders is a ghost kitchen // Depressed people want you to knock on the door // The abuse in fast food service is real // Paying way too much //

‘Your order just sits there’: DoorDasher claims to show ‘whole section dedicated to people who don’t tip’ at McDonald’s, sparking debate.
// Drivers do see the tip beforehand // Getting paid 2.50 to drive 10 miles // Campus kids tip like crazy // Driving people vs delivering food //

//Bryan quit smoking cigarettes //Guilt after smoking cigarettes // Picking up smoking as something to do outside of gigs // Making bad decisions together // Kissing someone who smoked a cigarette // Not a person to make bold proclamations // Not having to wash your clothes from cigarette smoke all the time //

Mike Lindell says he’s pulling MyPillow ads from a Christian radio network because it won’t discuss why he was ‘canceled’

// Mike Lindell for a 96 hour stream // Hasn’t been invited on radio so he assumes he is “cancelled” // No more pillows for christian radio listeners // Everybody is after us // Finding out if your dad is a Lindell guy // Find out if the own a MyPillow // Keeping the money in the hateful economy // Lindell Legal Offense Fund // I don’t think he ever really smoked crack // Licking the inside of pill bottles // Who doesn’t lick the bag? // Chewing up vicodin and liking the taste //

Starbucks launches aggressive anti-union effort as upstate New York stores organize

// Mandatory anti-union meeting at starbucks // “outside force trying to get between the workers and management” // Totally separated from all their coworkers // Talked at by 6 managers // “Listening sessions” // Could be first unionized Starbucks companies in the country // We would love to a union rep on the show // Floated by on being better than other places // A Million Dollar Store // Managers intimidating employees // CEO makes an analogy to the Holocaust when talking about unions // Started closing down stores trying to unionize and transfers workers to other stores // Any less money is bad // No gives a fuck about it //

How law enforcement is trying to stop mob retail thefts

// “Epidemic” of people rushing stores // Very easy to take shit // It’s a career path // It’s not organized its just gully people // This always been happening // Saturation patrol // Losing a fake $30,000 dollars // It’s what they deserve // People who work in the city can’t afford to live there // Conspicuous consumption // This happens when people are desperate // Another excuse for police to harass people // They always say shit is an epidemic //

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