Street Fight

12 13 2021 - The Ideals Of Jazz Bryan


Brett is back with Bryan discussing his gatekeeper goals and taking calls

// Neighbors bumping the loudest music // Street Fight Q&A // Loving anything that sounds like Motown philly // Beabadoobee and a death metal concert // Going out the way for some new music // Listening to the same music you listened to in 10th grade // Bumping some detective themes and spy music // Going right back to George Jones // The best kind of songs are sad songs // Conway Twitty makes horny songs // Getting Conway Twitty’s face tattooed on you // Reagan era country rocked // White people ruin entertainment // KISS has 2 goods songs and one is a disco song // Evanescence was never good // Jazz Bryan is in full effect // Loving some jazzy organ // Bryan loves gatekeepers // Hot Topic should be more gatekeepy // Liking music more cause geeks hate it // Jordan peterson kid rock tweet // “Praise the Lord and bless the rednecks” // Nashville is the Disney of redneck // #BoycottIHOP because of Biden // “No one wants to work anymore” // Moon rapping // Big dicks disease bryan //

1st Caller: Toledo caller wants to know the boys favorite Christmas movie.

// Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the new Die Hard // Never watching Die Hard again // Gremlins is a great christmas movie // Brett’s favorite is the Santa Claus with Tim Allen // Not liking dated things // That’s Jazz Talk // Not liking things that take place at a time // Its not about time man // I don’t want to see things that look like yesterday // Living christmas in may // Halloween can be a personality but christmas can’t // Movies only take place in LA or NY // Being young damages you // All movies need to be evergreen for Bryan to enjoy // I like movies that are happening in life // Bryan never rewatches movies // You will like every movie ever if you never watch it again //

2nd Caller: Marla Cruz from Dallas calls in for an update on life as a sex worker.

// Weird annoying guy update // Are they annoying or are they dangerous? // Dancer was murdered recently // Customer attatched tracking device on victims car // Using the law against escorts when the customer is also breaking the law // People on the left being against sex work // Cops never help stalking victims // Only solution they offer is buy a gun // Fuck the police and stalkers // Sex workers want decriminalization not legalization //
Twitter: @prolepeach
Support decriminalization of sex work and visit

3rd Caller: Nick from New Zealand calls in again to answer the boys questions.

// Banning cigarettes by 2025 // No rules around vaping // What are the weed rules? // Not legal but no gives a shit really // What are the alcohol rules? // Getting before the internet sucked // Smoking cigarettes inside feels crazy anymore // America is much more individualistic // One of the dumbest people I ever met hated unions // A Call center with a union is crazy // Everyone is a manah // Sound doesn’t degrade // Street Fight & The Doughboys //

4th Caller: Adam from an undisclosed location who isn’t having the best day with his Martha Stewart dutch oven.

5th Caller: Dave from Seattle to talk shit about how “progressive” Seattle is.

6th Caller: calling into talk about the Kellogg boycott that makes Bryan make bold claims.

Music – I’m With You – Mayday Parade

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