Street Fight

1 17 2022 - Get Motivated! – Jason Capital & Dan Pena (UNLOCKED)


(I made a mistake today and flubbed my job today of uploading what was supposed to be uploaded, so we are releasing my favorite episode of Get Motivated! – Jake )

Are you ready to be the best you? Are you ready to “Get Motivated”

Bryan & Brett are back with Drew Toothpaste for a look at Jason Capital and some more Dan Pena

// Midlevel grifting at its finest // This guy is thinking money // Making money by telling people how to make money // Calling yourself a “high income individual” // Telling people how to get rich off email lists if you pay me $3000 a month // Drews experience with motivational speakers // “Quit smoking the easy way” // The industry depends on making people worse // Flyering doesn’t work according to Bryan // Brett loves being on email lists // 732 emails about a sushi a year is way too much // Front Of Mind Advertising //

Jason Capitals answer to “how to make money while training for the Olympics?”

// He just wanted to tell people he is going to be in the Olympics // I’m broke but I paid $5000 to at Jason Capital talk // If you pay someone $5000 dollars when your broke then your not cut out to be self employed // Bryan could live off $200,000 for the rest of his life // You don’t have time for anything else // He is already scamming people, why does he want to learn to scam deeper // “It’s pole-vaulting” // If someone buys Bryan a pole-vault he will learn how to do it in a week // Bryan can kick a field goal // Drews sprinting experience // Running as fast as you can and your still average // Running is not Bryans thing but will pole-vault // If we are cutting one of those things out // They would never give a Wheaties box to a pole-vaulter // Email Income Expert // Lets get liquor license // Brett Capital & Bryan Capital // Just doing a capitalism bit // The copyrighting biz // Make some “Over The Bar” shirts // Bryans high income skills // Bretts social media job for an insurance company //

Jason Capital – “Carrot Juice” & random instagram content

// Why do i drink carrot juice? // He drinks carrot juice cause Larry Ellison does // Cargo cult shit // Magic elixir that makes you more arrogant // Lazy as fuck // Memes give you a reason to get up // Making money is looking at screens // That’s a guy I would like to get yelled at // Ask everyone for money if you won the lottery // Just ask like you don’t care at all // Masturbating since he was 4 // The Einstein of whacking it // Beating off is better then sending emails // That’s lost incum // A free addiction is not an addiction // Approaching pornography in a low income way //

Dan Pena – “I’m not afraid of anything”

// $20,000 to go to the castle // Average mans handshake pressure in 1986 // What would do if someone spit in your wifes face? // A weird question to ask a random guy // Sweating when shaking hands // You gotta grip on ya // Listening to a podcast is the most action you can take // Dan Pena 3 regrets in his life // Combat trained army officer who never saw combat // I called my mom a bitch and told her not to die // This is what his family thought about him // Selling be a sociopath //

Dan Pena – “Stop being a snowflake”

// Snowflakes turn to ice under pressure // Its low income behavior going to your daughters birthday // I do work instead of caring about my family // Took kids out of sports because of participation trophies // I just like to play soccer // Whipping Dan Penas Ass // Men aren’t the same as they used to be // Send Dan Pena to map the ocean // Getting off on cruelty // Everyone should punish their family // Everyone who is abusive has an excuse //

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