Street Fight

11 29 2021 - Everyone Tells Monster Truck How To Live


Bryan & Brett are back taking calls and getting your genocide day updates plus living how they want

// Bring back iron on letter shirts // Bryans nostalgic style philosophy // Getting in trouble for wearing a Fear Factory shirt // 10 days of in school suspensions for wearing an Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” shirt // Growing up in a non cussing house // Walking 20 miles in 30 degree weather // “I’m in frickin heaven” // The “Shirtless Dad” experiment // Liberal rules but had to deal with shirtless dad // Shirtless dad hates laughing // Only 2 types of mens underwear in the 90’s // All children jump // Naked polaroids of your dad // “Why is there pictures of butts on your phone?” // “HOW WAS THAT SEX PARTY” // We need X-Rated phones and Work phones // Snowflake Newsflash // Retweet if you will go to prison before getting the vaccine // Emergency episode of American Podcass // Monster Truck is offended // Canadian American Patriots // Canadians love being told how to live // Brett shamed bryan into not saying “douchebag” // Chicago people are mean // Monster Truck is not an angry person //

1st Caller: Lawrence a Truck driving Teamster from Kansas City
// Highlighting how trucking companies take advantage of people // Training for 4 days not a month with a union // Longest drive is 600 miles a day but get to sleep at home every night compared to contractors // Most people won’t tell him how to live // It’s tough to organize when truckers are on the road all the time // Owner-Operators can be a part of unions // UPS is a shitty work culture // Encouragement to everyone in the trade to join the Teamsters // Cussing philosophy //

2nd Caller: Robin has questions about living an anarchist lifestyle
// How do you turn shit down you don’t agree with without being seen as an asshole? // Say things in a good humor way // Turning down invites to thanksgiving // Some people will stick around and some won’t // Bryan hates consumerism but always wastes money // It won’t be fun for me or you with me being there // Be smiling and positive when stating your not coming // Not taking the kid to Disney world // Tell them “ Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to live ” // //

3rd Caller: Seth from Waterloo, Iowa – a former Disturbed fan
// “Fire it Up” by Disturbed // David Draiman chin piercings aka pussy hooks // Pussy hooks are not intellectual // A huge disturbed fan // Bryan felt bad for liking weezer so he bought more Korn albums // Feeling bad for not liking Mudvayne anymore // LimpKorn420 // Nobody can tell you shit when your a teenager // Straight up military metal // Kids love repetition // Why did Disturbed kick fuzz out? // // Stupify song meaning //

4th Caller: William from Council Bluffs, Iowa
// Life in a small town next to a big city // Common for people in the big city to shit on smaller towns //

5th Caller : Sasha eating with a friend and dealing with random violence

Music – Time Moves Slow – Bad Bad Not Good

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