Street Fight

11 15 2021 - Carnival Secrets & Serial Killer Shirts


Bryan & Brett are back taking calls and asking all the right questions

//Favorite Bobcat Goldthwait movies // Bryan Ties his shoelaces so tight that he has to buy new laces every couple months // Bryans Onlyfans will feature feet and wrestling singlets // Bryans lazy sunday movie review // Von Dutch was a Nazi // Bryans “Penis Pump” t-shirt he wore when meeting his wifes parents for the first time //

1st Caller: A Street Fight Dilemma: Should I call the cops on a customer who threatened me? //

2nd Caller: Aaron Bentley from Everything Elite podcast calls to talk about wrestling and his job helping people sue police and jails for treating them inhumanely // Christian Metal Bands/ Getting Bryan Into F1 racing //

3rd Caller: First time caller of anything// What do you do when your boss is not a bad person but the just really suck at being a boss? // Hustle & Grind but don’t pay on time //

4th Caller: What is it like being a carnie? // What is it like being a Blockhead? // Putting nails and drills into your nose // Carnival Secrets revealed // Best and Worst games to play //

Music – Friends (You Matter) – Bird Teeth

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