Street Fight

1 06 2019 - Broke People Dishes


Taking calls in the studio..
// Bryans Favorite Strains // Broke People Dishes // College Experience // Free Chipotle For Touring Bands // Reading Junk // Working Together // Cost Of Community // Colorado Rich People // Shit On A Shingle // Ramen Brick Tricks // Can’t Avoid Marijuana In A Vail Resort // Be Responsible To Your Kid // Ted Cruz’s Head Is A Bag Of Flour // You Don’t Have To Be Angry To Show You Care // Steamed Cauliflower & Vienna Sausages // Dudes Watching Cool Dudes // Kids Watching “Kids” // We All Like Stupid Stuff //



Thank you for tuning in to the show. We’ve been going for 7 years now demanding that everybody chill out and party. No gods and no masters we are looking to get rid of unnecessary authority wherever we find it. We also don’t want to fill your head full of ads for shit we don’t care about so we don’t do any on our show. If you want to say thank you then sign up for a monthly donation at Patreon or do a one time at Paypal. We’d love to use the money for drugs and alcohol and eventually we will but right now we can’t. We pay management fees, social media management fees, and audio hosting costs. So every dollar or Bitcoin you donate will go towards financing our continued insurrection.

All of our live performances are available on Send us a DM if you want a discount code. The money goes towards equipment rental plus staff and performer pay.

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