Street Fight

12 06 2021 - 12 Year Old On Acid


Bryan does these calls by himself while Brett is in the chat.
// Watching a Kirk Cameron christian comedy // Giving away a movie for free is bold // Put christ back in christmas // An Insatiable appetite for slop // Listening to Seethers “careless whisper” cover every morning // Jazz organ & Jazz trumpet // Flunking out of the stupidest high school in america // Critical race music theory // Jazz critics ripping Kenny G to shreds // The Bryan jazz show // Online charter school for teen moms //

1st Caller: Psychic Gasoline/@fatrocker5000 calling in while making deliveries at work and their previous work as a pharmacy tech
// Having fart in your twitter name // Bryan hated having murder until getting approval // What would GG Alin twitter handle be? // GG Alin would have been cancelled // The GG Alin Mythos // Hating punk growing up // People who get mohawks expect to be hated // Knowing about a guy who eats his own turds // The best clickbait // Where do you go after hitting each other stage? // Making a delivery // Working as a pharmacy tech // What retail pharmacy is all about // Calling old people to remind them about their meds // Pharmacy tech can’t give medical advice // People using the pharmacy as their doctors office // Dealing with insurance // Hating being on medicine // Getting in trouble for taking a tip // Getting cussed out for not having ketchup // Pharmacy is a high stress customer service job // Brand name drug discount cards // $480 a month for one prescription //

2nd Caller: Lucas from Tennessee sharing a story from a concert
// Not a solo show guy // The hardest thing to do by yourself // Stage diving into an empty pit // Only stage diving with a full pit // Fell so hard you throw up // Getting a concussion at a Deftones concert // Getting hit so hard you can’t see // A legend in the scene now //

3rd Caller: Danny from Brooklyn calls to talk about the lack technological competency of Jim Breur
// Minimalist version of Nobody telling me how to live // Lyrics makeup a good portion of the song // Just a bad song // Bryan loves bad shit // Bryan only likes republican country music // Vocal reactionary people // A lack of technological competency in putting out their message // You shouldn’t put that on the internet // People like Breur get free press so easy // A little bit behind the ball // It’s easy to make shit sound better // Sound doesn’t degrade // Street Fight & The Doughboys //

4th Caller: Nick from Christchurch, New Zealand speaking on the rise of housing costs in the country and encouraging people to invest in community action in New Zealand.
// Ringing the states on a landline // Hard to call in if you’re not in the US // Median house price in New Zealand is $700,000 // Stuck renting // “The housing market is hot” // Why is it expensive in New Zealand? // No tax on owning multiple properties // In general everything is good but you can’t have strikes // Legally not allowed to strike // Conservatives make gains under democratic presidents //

5th Caller: @Cusstrati calling in like the greaseman to talk about quitting his job twice
// Resigning from a job for the second time // Foolish for crawling back into hell // Quit because of their reaction to Covid // Got the vaccine and went back cause they needed the money // Bryan would just complain // Quit cause they were pricks // We burp on this show // Burps are all gone because no more seltzer water // Water is tight // Wanting to have fun drinks too // The need for a flavored beverage // We can give you this bush or shrub // vinegar syrup with carbonated water // Enjoying some aspartame // Loving diet drinks // Bryan has brain damage // I use to huff gasoline // Giving 12 year olds acid is not good // Bryan wanted acid flashbacks // Bryan doesn’t want kids to do cocaine and would rather them do acid? // What is the order of drugs a 12 year old should do? //

6th Caller: Grayson from Orange county, california calling into talk about how progressives should follow Adam Page.
Check out Graysons analysis on Adam Page at

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