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You’re Our Valentine

Posted on January 31, 2018

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I should probably get this to all y’all at a regular time each month…but as the most reluctant business owner between the ice walls that means I’d have to do more work. Last day of the month still counts! We had to do the Love issue in January so that people receiving the physical zine could hand them out too. They are going to be here tomorrow. Expect them in your mailbox next week. Enjoy and hand out those valentines to all the cool people you know.



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This is a post from our Patreon feed. For $3 a month you get a PDF copy of our zine and all our bonus shows!

What A Time To Lie, Cheat, and Steal ft. Kath Barbadoro

Posted on January 29, 2018

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On this episode Bryan called up our buddy Kath Barbadoro to do a bonus show! They talked about

// Cool Parents Are Bad Parents // Cater To Your Audience // Local Media // Organic Comedy // Wrestlesplania // New Orleans Live Show // Living On The Financial Edge // Wage Slavery // Marketing Slogan //

Closing Song – CSS – Alala

You can find her on twitter @kathbarbadoro

You can listen to her on the What A Time To Be Alive and Lie, Cheat, and Steal podcasts.

If you are in Austin or New York City check her calendar for live dates.

She will be joining us on stage in New York City at the end of March.



This is a bonus show available for only $1 a month on our bonus feed

Bad Repuation ft. Will Menaker

Posted on January 18, 2018

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This week Bryan invited Will Menaker from the Chapo Trap House podcast on so he could have someone to talk about TV’s and movies with.

// What Do You Know About Ohio? // Weed Tech // Marijuana Chat // The Effects Of 24 // White House Down // Vice Principals // No More Rewatching // Jackie Chan vs Sinn Fein //

Closing Song – Thin Lizzy – Bad Reputation

Thanks for tuning in! I will keep you posted on the answer to the questions.

– Brett

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Screamo Lives ft. @ChudsMacKenzie & Nan0Bel

Posted on January 4, 2018

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Grab your white studded belts and flattening irons. You’re getting a music bonus episode of Street Fight Radio today.

Bryan got to talk about his favorite misogynist genre of music he grew up with so I wanted to do my own. He was kind of aged out of this during it’s meteoric rise but as a sensitive young man who liked his eyebrows plucked and his jeans extremely tight in the early 2000’s there was nothing better than ccreamo. That maligned musical genre made up of sadness, narcissism, cheating, and 20 more toxic flavors of woe-is-me frustrations with the world.

We started in the early 90’s with bands that a lot of you will probably like. We talked about Orchid, Swing Kids, The Locust, The Blood Brothers, and Indian Summer. We then delved into the sweetest pop heavy hitters like Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, and Underoath. We closed it out with a discussion about the lead singer of Brand New being a sexual assaulter and all the problematic shit that comes with screaming your feelings at the top of your lungs being your only method of communication.

It was a ton of fun and very revealing. Tell @Nan0bel & @ChudsMacKenzie thank you!

This show is available for listening right now on our bonus Patreon feed. Only $1 a month.

New Patreon Rewards

Posted on December 28, 2017

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Things are changing in 2018. We’ve learned a lot this year. The zine turned from a night of packing into a week-long work schedule. We are doing delivery runs between each other’s houses now. We also found out that it’s very expensive to run a modern loot krate business. A $5 donation quickly dwindles down to $2 when you’re sending out a 48 page zine. We were at the point of hiring people to handle it but we didn’t have the budget. It’s also a lot of strain on the environment. So while we enjoyed having our exclusive little zine being sent to every corner of the ice wall I think this new digital method is going to make it easier to focus on good shows and writing for the zine. This also means I will be able to set aside money to properly pay the contributors to the zine (and take care of previous contributors*).

If you like your plan, you can keep it.

We will be honoring sign ups for the old pricing and reward tiers up until the 1st. After that it will be locked up. We will also be a lot stricter with kratom. You can still sign up for Loot Zine Kratom but if it becomes illegal in your state you will receive a bonus zine in its place. We will be selling kratom in the Street Fight Store as well. We may move all kratom over to the store but for now you can still get the LZK.

From now on a $3 subscription gets you all the bonus shows, a digital copy of the zine, and any videos that Street Fight Radio makes**

An $8 subscription gets you a physical copy of the zine, all the bonus shows, a digital copy of the zine, and our videos that we make.

A $12 subscription will get you a physical copy of the zine, a bonus zine (I hope to expand this into producing exclusive zines for our subscribers. Please let me know of any zinesters that you think would work well with Street Fight), all the bonus shows, a digital copy of the zine, and our videos.

For $35 a month you will get the zine and a tub of CBD butter, 30 ml of CBD Vape Juice, or 1 CBD gram Isolate.

I hope this all makes sense. I will be fielding any questions in the DM’s. I will also work on getting together some informative video or audio about CBD out there.


*Starting in January I will pay the writing contributors to zine #1 $20 for their submission. February will be #2 and so on and so forth until everyone gets paid.

**Videos rewards will be changing in 2018. It was really challenging to keep up with the video goals when it was just me. I am horribly self-taught with very little time that I am not being asked to do a chore, play, or make food. Having 12 – 16 hours of fumbling around my consumer grade editing software and a day or two of figuring out how to get the video to stop dying at 75% exported was not good for me. If you don’t know much about professional editing and camera work it also costs $30 – $100 an hour. So Nick Hayes, who has helped out with videos for Baltimore and New York will be collaborating with us on some of the bigger shows. He has started a company called Means Of Production that will be working with lefty entertainers y’all know and love to create live specials. We are doing all this on a percentage of video sales basis instead of a flat fee. So I won’t be able to offer discounts for those shows. If I grab a camera and record a live show I’ll absolutely share it with y’all. But going forward we won’t be having complete control over all of the video content.


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Rob And Stefan And Bryan

Posted on December 19, 2017

This is a bonus show available on the Patreon feed. You can get access for just $1 a month.

Friends of the show Rob Whisman and Stefan Heck joined Bryan for an enlightening discussion about the following topics.

The Disastrous Cleveland Show // Letting Everyone Know You’re Very Smart // The Weirdest Moment Of Rob’s Life // When Meme’s Incite Violence // Wrestlers In Movies // Death Match Wrestling // Getting Power Bombed For Comedy // That Old Old Weed // Seeing Movies In LA Before Everyone Else

You can find @Robwhisman and his antics on twitter. You can watch him on PROBLEM SOLVEDon Cafe. He also came to our Cleveland show and got so stoned he looked like a ghost when we brought him on stage. He also did a runin during our DNC 2016 video.

You can find more of Stefan on his podcast Real Good Show or on twitter where he is the infamous @boring_as_heck. He is also the guy who asked the Infowarrior at the DNC what he thought about the Lady Ghostbusters on our 2016 DNC live video. Oh yeah he works on Lil Alex Jones as well!

Hope you enjoyed! Go fuckn apeshit in the comments!

This is a bonus show available on the Patreon feed. You can get access for just $1 a month.

Holiday Bash & Street Fight

Posted on December 16, 2017

We are hosting an end of the year holiday celebration! Friday December 29th at The Tree Bar in Columbus, OH. Party starts at 10pm! Special guests Lindsey Martin and Drew Toothpaste join us on stage! It is a smaller place which has been a problem before but we have confirmed that there is now a monitor setup that allows for viewing the show throughout the entire bar.

Kristin (@DonaIsabelle) and the DSA will be tabling so you can talk to them about chipping in on some disruption. Nick will be there filming the whole thing. Grove City Erika will be hanging out and avoiding conversations about anime.

There will be CBD push pops in the building (and THC on the patio that it pairs nicely with). We’re also getting an extra special keg of beer.

We are also doing a holiday raffle! Who the hell knows what we might be handing out.

get your tickets here

Anime Invasion ft. Emma Bowers & Johnny Landmine

Posted on December 12, 2017

This is a bonus show that is available on Patreon for only $1 a month.

Get your groans out of the way. Listen to the show before commenting. So in 2017 I watched Hunter X Hunter (the two child bounty hunters in the show image) and Tiger Mask W.

It got me thinking about how long I’ve been watching anime. Ever since I got my first hand me down transformer I knew there was a world of cartoons for me. I’ve had a lifelong addiction to manga, JRPG’s, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, vinyl figures, Mechs, fine selvage denim and everything else Japan ever since. My daughter has already seen Sailor Moon and Spirited Away. My wife and I have tracked down every Miyazaki movie together. We love to discover new anime inspired shows like Lolirock because it’s girls kicking ass, rocking the house, saving the world, and working together.

(My Neighbor Totoro, every kid should see it)

(Spirited Away)

So in the spirit of the third show being a place to do something that isn’t concerned with saving the world I was happy to have Emma and Johnny on to talk about all things Japanese media related.


& @JohnnyLandmine (calling in from Japan on a crummy connection, please forgive us. Your ears could use the training anyways.)

I am guessing that Street Fight has a low contingency of anime fans. Bryan is just immune to it I think. It really is one of the things I get a lot of joy from. I enjoy delving in to subjects of life and death that we just don’t do in western kids cartoons or escaping in to something that I can’t immediately see the toxic americanism in (also because we wuz Street Fightin we talked about the toxic dark parts of Japanese media as well). For me it does feel like a place I can go watch, read, and enjoy something that isn’t tainted by my culture. But mostly we just talked about how much we enjoy macho boyish dominance and super powers that are derived from the human spirit. Which is most of Shonen anime. We also know it’s a strange addiction to have but it isn’t treatable. Here is a link to some of the series we mentioned. Share some of your favs in the comments. Let Emma and Johnny know what you think!

Cowboy Bebop

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Ranma ½

Rurouni Kenshin

My Neighbor Totoro

20th Century Boys

One Piece

Princess Mononoke


P.S. The kratom has landed. So people who got charged November 1st your Cooking Loot Zine Kratom is being processed right now. Sorry for the delay but credit companies are meddling.


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Street Fight Radio 2017 Flat Earth Tour

Posted on June 9, 2017

The 2017 Street Fight Radio Flat Earth Tour is coming to a city less than 8 hours away!

6/4 – Cleveland – Mahall’s –

6/22 – Louisville – Kaiju – Facebook Event – Tickets

7/23 – Milwaukee – Riverwest – Facebook Event – Tickets

8/?? – Baltimore – TBD

9/?? – Atlanta – TBD

10/?? – New York City Supershow!

The DSA, Louisville Socialists, and Socialist Alternative have been working diligently to bring Brett and Bryan to these towns for an hour of stand-up comedy and a party. We will be talking about hustling, small business tyrants, financial gymnastics, nu metal, and obliterating global hierarchy.

Street Fight with Rob Whisman At Mahall’s In Cleveland

Posted on May 12, 2017

Come party with us on Sunday 6/4/2017 at Mahall’s in Cleveland. The show is 8 pm – 10 pm and we will be bowling afterward.

There are no physical tickets. Your name will be put on the guest list and you can check in when you arrive.

There are only 20 bowling spots available. You will be randomly assigned a spot on a bowling team head by either Brett, Bryan, Rob, or @UweBollocks

get tickets -> HERE <- stekcit teg