Street Fight

A Deeper Shade Of Violet

Posted on May 14, 2018

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On this show Bryan talked to legendary poster @Leducviolet about

// Doing What We Do Best // Secondary Influencer Syndrome // Trump Talk // #theResistance // Political LARPing // Empathy // “Bernie Bros” // Acoustic Music // Take A Stand Against Genocide // Learn To be Uncomfortable // Free Speech // Fascism //

End Song –  Mother Whale Eyeless – Brian Eno


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This is a bonus episode available on our Patreon feed. For only $1 a month you can access it.

Pizza Hut Lottery

Posted on May 14, 2018

Hey guys, I found your show a few months ago (through Chapo) and I just wanted to let you know I love it and it’s making writing my thesis so much more chilled. I live in Britain but am hoping to come over to the States to finish my Ph.D. next year so it’s been great to geek up on random stories from there. Also, the zines are hilarious. Anyway I won’t be able to call into the show for at least another year, but if you want to hear a business tyrant/grift story from Europe then here is mine:

About 7 years ago I had finished my high school exams and was waiting to start university in September. I was spending the summer putting in more hours than usual at my part time job at Pizza Hut (a pizza restaurant chain). I had been working there for about a year, and I had told my boss in April that as it was my 18th Birthday in July, and it was the last summer with my friends before we all went our seperate ways, me ‘n the boyz were going for a 3 week Euro Trip – Amsterdam – Barcelona – Berlin – Prague – Croatia… kicking off literally on my 18th in Amsterdam. My boss said that was cool and even tried to show off talking about hookers n shit… Cool guy. Anyway, its getting to the end of June and I say at the end of a shift “ah, pretty much my last shift”. The boss went crazy saying I hadn’t told him bla bla they needed me bla bla. I said to him well, I’m sorry but I told you, you can fire me if you like, but I need my pay for this month I HAVE WORKED … otherwise the eurotrip will be ruined. He says he’ll only pay me for June if I work the first week of July (my birthday is on the 2nd of July, when we were booked to be in amsterdam… flights etc all already bought). My dick had almost been completely sawn off… but I rallied and played it cool while I worked out what to steal…. My Pizza Hut was the largest in the county, so we got delivered lots of deal menus and coupons and shit that other stores came to pick up from us. At that time if a table spent over £35 (50-60 dollars), they got a scratch card with which they might win an iPad. So, I rang my friend and told him to bring the car to the store, then when the coast was clear I emptied about half the boxes of coupons for the entire county into bin bags.. and left the boxes looking untouched. I then “took the rubbish out” back where my friend was waiting in his car, dropped them to him and then went back to finish off closing. That night me and my friend spent the night drinking rum and scratching…. we ended up with 7 winning coupons, and spent the next day driving around pizza huts collecting iPads. I sold them online and never went to pizza hut again, they didn’t pay me, but the eurotrip was bangin’. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Kitty Stryker!

Posted on April 19, 2018

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On this bonus show Bryan talked to writer, activist, performer, sexpert, queer femme, and cat mom, Kitty Stryker!

// Take A Victory // Working At Hot Topic // Yelp Reviews // The Weird Ways We Talk Around Sex Work // Getting Out Of The Biz // Fosta-Sesta // Horizontal Activism // Fighting In The Streets // Giving Your Body To The Job //  //

End Song – The Mountain Goats – This Year


This is a bonus episode available on our Patreon feed. For only $1 a month you can access it.  

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Struggle Session with Jack Allison

Posted on April 4, 2018

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On this show Bryan talked to Jack Allison from the Struggle Session podcast

// Passionate Fans // Enjoying Movies // Content Will Be More Than Cable // Jobs // Changes In Entertainment // Leftist Entertainment // Falling Out Of Love With America // Having Healthcare //

End Song –

Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation

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The My Chemical Romance Incident With Courtney Caldwell

Posted on March 21, 2018

On this  bonus show Bryan talked to Courtney Caldwell  talked to our resident Screamo expert Courtney Caldwell AKA @ChudsMacKenzie about

// Dark Sensibility // Boss Memes // Tacos In Texas // Adam Sandler Hits // 2012 // Non-Authoritarian Parenting // Secular Music Poisons Youth // Bad Conversations // //


End Song –

Disco Inc. – Ghost Of Mariano’s

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Nation Building Zine

Posted on February 27, 2018

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Your February zine is all about starting over new. Bryan wrote out his plan for small time governance. Dave Davenport (creator of velvet collar comics and the Street Fight NYC wrestling poster) wrote about flops and squats across the slab. Alex Nicoll wrote about a computer game that shaped his ideology. There is a critique of the dystopian fiction of Asimov and an essay against utopia because of the messy nature of humanity. Plus you get a Fred Hampton poster you can hang up on your kids wall.

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The nation-building zine is premium content. You can access it and all of our bonus shows for just $3 on Patreon.

Swimming With A Champagne Shark

Posted on February 21, 2018

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On this show, Brett talked to T (@RickyRawls) from the Champagne Sharks podcast about

// Consumerism As Activism // Unlocking The HuffPo Code // Bridging The Empathy Gap // Genesis Of Champagne Sharks // Black Politics // Monoculture // Get Fired Friday // Relationship Advice // Son Cubano Music // Iggy Pop //

Opening Song – A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight

End Song – Iggy Pop & James Williamson – Beyond The Law

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This is a bonus episode available on the Patreon subscribers feed for only $1 a month.

Weird Dad Boss

Posted on February 11, 2018
My name is Unreal and I’m a listener in St. Louis. I’m writing to tell you a story about a breed of small business tyrant you guys don’t talk about much on air, but I feel like you’d appreciate. That’s right, I’m talking about Weird Dad Boss.

Have you ever been to one of those stores that seems like it’s family-run but the people who work there can’t possibly be related? For some reason I’ve temped at a number of these places, but the place where I currently work takes the cake. When people come into the store ask if we’re a family, we’re *supposed* to say yes. Weird Dad Boss often gives customers a fake name, so we’re supposed to say that we’re [fake name’s] son/daughter/grandson/daughter. The owner / patriarch is your classic small business owner who pays his employees minimum wage but thinks of himself as a nice guy. I should have been tipped off that things were going to get weird when I asked someone if we had to clock out for lunch, and she said yes but that we couldn’t actually leave for lunch because Weird Dad Boss likes to cook for everyone. Seems nice, right? Well…

Weird Dad Boss has a dog that he brings to work that sits in the store most of the day. When we’re at work the dog is all of ours, which means I sometimes have to walk and feed it. No big deal, right? One day early on I went to the mini-kitchen in the back of the store and noticed that there was a large quantity of chicken boiling in water on the stove. I asked what it was for and Weird Dad Boss said that buying chicken was cheaper than dog food. When I went back to the kitchen later I saw that one of the other employees was eating the chicken, which I pointed out was for the dog. He laughed and asked what the difference was anyway. I guess he’s right, but I would rather bring my own lunch than eat dog chicken. When I asked if I could do that I was told it would really hurt Weird Dad Boss’ feelings.

A few weeks later Weird Dad Boss asked me what I was. As an off-white person in the Midwest I get this all the time and it doesn’t really bother me. Once he found out I was part Japanese he began making increasingly questionable comments– once telling an Asian-American customer that she and I were “probably cousins.” The strangest thing to happen so far took place shortly after. I came in to work one day and found a large (2 x 3 ft) framed print of a Japanese woman behind my chair. Sometimes Weird Dad Boss rotates the artwork that hangs in the store so I didn’t think much of it. When Weird Dad Boss came in he kept asking me leading questions about how nice the painting was. Finally he admitted that he’d gotten the painting at a garage sale *for me* because he thought the woman looked like me, and he hoped that I would hang it up on my wall. I refused and he continued to insist that I take it. When I told him that I found it a little bit racist he backed off, but hung the painting right where I can see it, where it hangs to this day.

Then he announced we were having something I would like for lunch: “Chinese food.” I got excited because I actually like Chinese food, but it turned out to be the same boiled chicken with soy sauce on it.

Anyway, those are my stories! You guys get me through the day.

Wrestlesplania ft. Rachel Millman

Posted on February 7, 2018

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On this bonus show Bryan talked to Rachel Millman about life and wrestling

// Segregated City // Taking Down The Country In The Wrong Way // Internalized Misogyny // Bank Account Gymnastics // Middle Child Syndrome // All Or Nothing Proclamations // Being Cranky // Worst Jobs // Teens Shouldn’t Work // “Worked” // Wrestlesplania //

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Closing Song –

Andre The Giants Theme Song From NJPW

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Press Release From The Black Pride 4

Posted on January 31, 2018

The following is a press release we received from representatives for The Black Pride 4

“For immediate release



On Saturday, June 17, 2017, several Black queer and trans people gathered with their allies at the “Columbus Pride Festival” in Columbus, Ohio, with the intent of silently blocking the parade for seven minutes. This action was planned with the intent to protest the acquittal of Jeronimo Yañez, the Minnesota police officer who killed Philando Castile in 2016, as well as to shed light on the lack of safe spaces for Black and brown people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Though the protestors’ method was a silent, non-violent demonstration, less than two minutes after the roadblock had been initiated the Columbus Police Department assaulted protesters with mace, bicycles, and brute force. Four Black protesters, now known as the #BlackPride4, were targeted and arrested: Wriply Bennet, Deandre Miles, Ashley Braxton, and Kendall Denton. Three of the four individuals (Bennet, Braxton, and Denton) face misdemeanor charges. Deandre Miles faces a heinous charge of aggravated robbery, a felony of the first degree.

On Monday, February 5th, after months of community outrage, the #BlackPride4 start trial for these manufactured charges. We call for community members to join us in supporting the #BP4 by rallying outside the Franklin County Courthouse on 2/5. After the rally, we will join the #BP4 inside the courthouse to kick off weeklong court support efforts.

We also call on members of the Columbus and greater Ohio community members to show up and pack the court for the #BP4 each day that they are in trial. More details on the rally and court support can be found here.

“Though it is considered a hub for the LGBTQ community, Columbus’s people of color face discrimination and inequality. Police violence is rampant, according to a report earlier this year: Since 2013, the Columbus Division of Police has killed 28 people, 21 of whom were black, and over two dozen lawsuits are currently filed against the department, many claiming civil rights violations.” –– Teen Vogue

“During the demonstration, the protesters linked arms and stepped into the street. Video footage then shows Columbus Police officers using mace on protesters, pushing them back with their bikes and tackling them to the ground.” –– Columbus Alive

Black Queer and Trans Protesters Arrested at Ohio Pride Parade

Four black LGBTQIA people were arrested at an Ohio Pride parade after staging a protest.Correction: This event happened June 17, not July 17 as stated in the video. Sorry for the mix-up!

Posted by AJ+ on Friday, June 23, 2017



“Stonewall Uprising was a protest against police brutality targeting queer youth and trans women. I honor the legacy and work of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera who sparked a fight against police brutality […] I stand in support of the #BlackPride4 and demand all charges be dropped immediately.” –– Jennicet Gutierrez, La Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement

“Today we demand justice for the #BlackPride4 who were rammed with police bikes, maced, and shoved to the ground within the first two minutes of exercising their First Amendment rights. They too believe in a Pride that honors the struggle against racism, queerphobia, and transphobia, and were arrested with bogus charges of misdemeanors ranging from resisting arrest to disorderly conduct.” –– Hoods4Justice

“We vehemently advocate for the demands of the #BlackPride4, and, consistent with the DISCO Graduate Caucus goals, full justice for individuals at the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, nation, class, and ability. The violence and racism experienced by #BlackPride4 is part of the systemic oppression that the DISCO Graduate Caucus works to identify, critique, and resist both on and off Ohio State University’s campus.” –– DISCO Graduate Caucus

“We are devastated and appalled by the video of Columbus Police assaulting these non-violent protesters. Wriply, Ashley, Kendall, and Deandre went to the Pride parade to raise their voices to the Columbus LGBTQ community, and were met with the same violence and anti-Blackness that killed Charleena Lyles, Raelynn Thomas, Brittany Nicole Kidd-Stergis, Tamir Rice, and so many other names that we have been chanting in the streets. The actions taken by police during Columbus Pride are further evidence that police forces have no incentive or ability to keep our communities safe — especially queer and trans people of color.” –– GetEqual.


2017 Stonewall Columbus Pride Planning Committee Members

Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Org

Central Ohio Street Medic Collective

Columbus Bi Local

Equality Ohio

Jewish Voices for Peace Central Ohio

Kaleidoscope Youth Center

Lori Gum (Stonewall Columbus’ former Program and Pride Coordinator)

No Justice No Pride

Trans Liberation Collective

TGI Justice Project

Chicago Black Trans and Gender Nonconforming Collective

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)