Street Fight

Left Coast November Tour

Posted on October 9, 2019

11/9  – Seattle, WA – Live Undercover Boss @ The Beacon Theater – TICKETS – facebook event

11/10 – Seattle, WA – Clockout Lounge – TICKETS – facebook event

11/11 – Portland, OR –  Kickstand Comedy – TICKETS – facebook event

11/13 – Oakland, CA – The Golden Bull – TICKETS – facebook event

11/15 – Los Angeles, CA –  The Virgil – TICKETS – facebook event

11/18 – San Diego, CA – Che Cafe – TICKETS – facebook event

We’ve been spreading our mess all over the US and the West was some of the best shows we did this year. So we decided we’re coming back! We want to come out and share some stories about what the Street Fight journey has been like so far and we want y’all to share some of your stories of local small business tyranny. There will be surprise guests at every location. We are also going to have the Minion Death Cult podcast along with us for the entire ride. They’ll be reporting on what exactly is going on in the comments.

.Street Fight Radio is a pro-worker, anti-establishment comedy radio show that has been broadcasting on 92.7 WCRS in Columbus Ohio since 2010. Listeners all across the flat Earth tune in to our show as a podcast. Our Sunday night call in show features topics like small business tyrants, cryptids, nu-metal, and hustling the grocery store that tie directly into our live show. Come hang with the gang that questions everything. (find more

Minion Death Cult is a leftist podcast about a deranged, right-wing Internet. The world is ending. Your family’s Facebook feed is responsible. They’re documenting it.